Monday, February 1, 2010

Darius McCrary

McCrary is best known for his role as Eddie Winslow on the television series Family Matters. He is noted for portraying Aaron Williams, in the 1988 film Mississippi Burning. He is the son of Unbreakable Womens group founder Ms. Chaye Grammy nominated gospel jazz musician Howard McCrary and older brother of Sarah and Donovan McCrary. He recently played Bowie James on the NBC series Committed. McCrary has also appeared in the 2004 stage play, The Maintenance Man, based on the novel by author, Michael Baisden.

Most recently, McCrary took the role of the heroic Autobot Jazz in Michael Bay's Transformers. He was the first person to take the role since the death of Scatman Crothers the original voice actor for Jazz in 1986. Since Crothers' voice was so well renowned, many fans were anxious to hear Jazz's new voice in the movie. While McCrary did not imitate Crothers' trademark twang, but rather used deeper, more urban speech, it reflected Crothers' earlier characterization. He is also currently involved with Karrine Steffans. Karrine references their relationship frequently on her website.

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